Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The REC Theme Song

Dr. Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA, FACMI performed the world premier of "The REC Theme Song" at the ONC All-Grantee Conference in Washington, DC on December 13th, 2010.  Stay tuned for more...

You're seein’ patients in your practice and they constantly berate it
They say to make the grade you’ll have to interoperate it
But you don't have a clue about the Internet at all
You couldn't tell a portal from a hole in the wall
You wallow in despair – when in walks a crew
Packin' Pen Tablets and tech attitudes
They say, "Tired of pushin' paper – is connecting your dream?
We're here to take the caper – we're the REC Team."

They whip out their BlackBerrys, tap a key or two and say
"Put your mind at ease – we know just what to do.
We’re all workin’ where technology and medicine meet
We cruise the information superhighway beat
Meaningful use is not a problem – we can promise you that
We'll help you get incentive bucks in no time flat
Once we plan, select and implement, you’ll be good to go
When it comes to goin’ paperless, there’s just one name to know ’cause…

You can call a grease monkey to fix your radiator
If you need to slay a lion better call a gladiator
You gotta lift a boulder – Superman's your guy
And call Double-Oh-Seven if you're needin' a spy
But if you want to see your practice be the best of them all
There's only one name out there you need to recall
To click the hyperlink to your EHR dream
Forget about them others – call the REC team

You get set, go live and watch the patients come in
It doesn't take long to know you've got a big win
You add up your savings and you see the numbers soar
Your patients see the quality – you couldn't ask for more
You get kudos and congratulations from everyone
You say, "Thanks, REC Team, for all that you've done"
They say, "Glad to be your partner – you can call any day
We're always at your service 'cause we mean it when we say that...

...We said to pitch all those charts and build a practice supreme
Call the plugged in, pixilated, powered up, automated
Integratin', implementin’, strategizin', synchronizin'
Standardized, databased, webified, interfaced
Just-in-time REC Team!

2 December 2010
©2010 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

If I Had and EHR

Dr. Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA, FACMI, performed the world premier of "If I Had an EHR" (to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain" with apologies to the Scarecrow, et al.) at the ONC All-Grantee Conference in Washington, DC on December 13th, 2010. 

I could be a brilliant beacon
For patients who are seekin'
Good healthcare from afar
They would travel here for miles
And return back home with smiles
If I had an EHR

I could get to know my patients
And review their vaccinations
To be sure they're up to par
Their pediatric hist'ries
Would no longer be a myst'ry
If I had an EHR

Oh, I could tell you why
Your HDLs weren’t trending the best
And if you were due to get another test
I'd hear a chime to say it's time

I'd chart ev'ry diagnosis,
Procedure or prognosis
No matter how bizarre
And instead of seeing hieroglyphs
My notes could be deciphered if
I had an EHR

I could check the formularies
Of kings and dignitaries
From ev'ry land and tribe
I'd know co-pays on each drug
Of ev'ry Tom, Dick or Doug
If I could only ePrescribe

Picture me--
Across the sea
My patient needs a script
In the past I'd have to interrupt my trip
But today I'll tap my PDA

I'd know contraindications
For all drug combinations
My patients might imbibe
And any chump who's doctor shoppin'
Would be trumped by warnings poppin'
If I'd only ePrescribe

With my patients' full permissions
I could make crucial decisions
Using tests I’d aggregate
With the data I collected
Random clues could be connected
If I'd interoperate

I'd be full of pride
Be honored by my peers
And I'd make quality improvements through the years
'Cause I could see from A to Z

I could shoot out a referral
For the infirmed or the infertile
Cross the street or out of state
From Pacific to Atlantic
We’d be properly semantic
If we'd interoperate
If we only ePrescribe
If we all had EHRs

1 December 2010
©2010 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

Monday, December 6, 2010

ACMI News: HITECH Interoperetta MP3 Now Available

A fan of the YouTube video "HITECH: An Interoperetta in Three Acts" recently requested a copy of the MP3.  ACMI does not know the intended use, but assumes that said fan is intent on world domination and plans to widely distribute the vocal musings of our President and Founder, Dr. Ross D. Martin, as a cover for subliminal messages that will cause the listener to helplessly follow the bidding of said fan. 

For the record, neither ACMI nor its President and Founder condone the use of medical informatimusicology as an instrument of evil or for the purposes of attaining world domination whether for good or evil intent.  But, as the Interoperetta was distributed under a Creative Commons license, we feel obligated to distribute the MP3 file as requested.  We do fear for the world, however, as the awesome power of medical informatimusicology, and the Interoperetta in particular, is undeniable; such a malicious use will undoubtedly be successful unless proper precautions are taken. 

While it would be best for the purpose of avoiding world domination by said fan to recommend that any person receiving a copy of the MP3 file that has been injected with subliminal messages immediately delete the file, this would be an unacceptable solution as unaltered copies of the MP3 might also be deleted in the process, an outcome which is counter to the mission of ACMI. 

A more palatable solution is to make use of the well-known surgical adage, "The Solution to Pollution is Dilution."  ACMI recommends that every person on the planet take the following simple precautions:
  1. Download the original, unaltered MP3 file at: http://www.rossmartinmd.com/files/mp3/HITECHfinal.mp3 
  2. Listen to the Interoperetta a minimum of 17 times. 
Our research has shown that persons who follow this procedure are effectively inoculated against even subtle alterations to the file, thus making them immune to subliminal messaging.  We estimate that if at least 85% of the world's population follows this procedure, it will create something akin to a "herd immunity" and save the world.

Please note that, in making this public announcement, ACMI and its leadership are effectively released of any liability resulting from personal injury or world domination in the event that the above recommendations are not precisely followed.  We will, however, accept awards, prizes, and other suitable accolades for foiling the nefarious plans of said fan.