Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet Up

I wrote this song a couple of months ago, but need to do a recording.  I'm inspired to post the lyrics because of a Twitter exchange between Keith Boone, Regina Holliday and David Harlow on the #HIT100 nominations for leading social media folks in HIT.  Keith said of David: "I think @healthblawg [that's David] has the harder job. I just deal with 1s and 0s. He has to deal with everything in between."

The tune to the song is pretty much Blues Brothers.  Horns, bass and drums, baby!

Here's to the folks who live in the shady area...

Meet Up

I see shades of gray
In a world of black and white
I get your point to a point
But I'm not saying you're right
So point your loaded argument
In a different direction
And let's sit down and talk it out
And find some clear connection
We might go bust but can't we just
Agree to disagree
At least we'll share one blessed beat
Of synchronicity
Then maybe we can finally
Find a way to give a little
Meet me in the middle
Oh, yeah, meet me in the middle

Meet me at the corner bar
You can choose the brew
I'll pick up the first round
You grab number two
Before they call out last call
We'll lose the bottle count 
As we guzzle down our grievance
Our agreements will mount
You'll show me pictures of your kids
I'll tell you 'bout my wife
We'll swap our favorite stories
And philosophies for life
Then we'll step into the dawn
To breathe the air so fine
Meet me in the sunshine
Oh, yeah, meet me in the sunshine

Meet me in the aisle
Enough with Blue v Red
Time to kick this rhetoric
And pass some bills instead
Remember back to early days
When we were full of fire
We came here with the urge to serve
Now we're votes for hire
Sure we've got our principles
I ain't asking you to switch
But there's gotta be an issue
Where my scratch fixes your itch
Common ground can be found
If we dare to enter
Meet me in the center
Oh, yeah, meet me in the center

Meet up, meet up
Speak, friend, and enter
Think of all the stuff we'll solve
When we come together
Meet me in the middle
Meet me in the center
Meet me in the sunshine
Come on and meet me
Come on and meet me
Meet up, meet up

(c)2012 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA, FACMImimi

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