Friday, July 13, 2012

Congrats and Controversy Surround the #HIT100

13 July 2012
The American College of Medical Informatimusicology

For the last two years, Michael Planchart (@theEHRGuy on Twitter) has run a nomination process via Twitter for the top 100 Health IT Social Media-istasFor the second year in a row, Dr. Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA, FACMImimi, President and Founder of the American College of Medical Informatimusicology (@RossMartin), has been named to the list, moving from being tied for #63 in 2011 to #42 in 2012.  

Dr. Martin is very pleased with the results as it further locks in his prospects as remaining top dog in the #ACMImimi100, which recognizes the top 100 Medical Informatimusicologists (Tweet your nominations now: “I nominate @RossMartin for the #ACMImimi100 list”). 

ACMImimi is thrilled to note that The College was extremely well represented on the list, with a total of eight Fellows named, two of whom were in the top 10:
Two individuals who are eligible for Fellowship, but who have not yet completed their applications are:
  • #18 Gregg Masters (@2healthguru) -- Eligibility based on his work on "The Rainbow Button Initiative" 
  • #28 Harry Greenspun (@harrygreenspun) -- Eligibility based on his work on "Gimme My DaM Data"

But all is not well in La-La Land. The ACMImimi Ethics in Elections Committee has opened an investigation into Dr. Greenspun's inexplicable meteoric rise from being tied for #76 in the 2011 list to #28. Rumors abound that Dr. Greenspun used staff members in Deloitte's Center for Health Solutions, where Dr. Greenspun serves as a Senior Advisor, to advance his campaign. Such misuse of official firm resources in elections may be in violation of campaign finance rules. Greenspun, who would only comment, "Ha!" for this press release, may have found a loophole in the rules by leveraging funding from the “I’m Just Wild about Harry” Super-PAC in financing the campaign.

While the investigation continues, if Dr. Greenspun does in fact apply to become a Fellow of The College and is successful in his application, all investigations will cease under the Executive Privilege clause that covers all Fellows in good standing.  

The complete list for the 2012 HIT100 can be found at Healthcare IT News.

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  1. NEWS UPDATE (16 July 2012):
    ACMImimi President, Dr. Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA, FACMImimi, is maintaining his position that he is merely pointing out voting results irregularities in the #HIT100 list that implicate Dr. Harry Greenspun and is refusing to apologize for or retract these accusations despite demands from Greenspun Campaign Headquarters.

    "We will let the facts speak for themselves," said Dr. Martin in a recent appearance on the Sunday morning program, Face the Music: Informatimusicology Today on a local public access channel. "Dr. Greenspun seems to be intent on playing hard ball on this issue and has further threatened to withhold vital MP3 files for the completion of the "Gimme My DaM Data" video project" (see

    We will keep you informed of further developments.