Monday, March 5, 2012

A Healthcare 2.0 Solution

ACMImimi is very pleased to share this video on A Healthcare 2.0 Solution created and produced by The College's newest Fellow, Tom Chelton, RN, FACMImimi.

Even more remarkable than this video was Tom's application to The College, which we felt was worth posting here as an exemplary example of how to present one's case for acceptance as a Fellow:

Dear esteemed colleagues, 
I am a nurse without a purse, an informatics geek and a frustrated singer songwriter with alot of really fancy equipment but very little actual musical talent. I also like pizza and long walks with Barry Manilow on my iPod. 
Set your way-back machines to 2001. I met Josh Seidman while the Information Therapy Center was in launch mode and we collaborated on several songs to bring awareness to the concept and delivery of Information Therapy for the masses. From a customized "There's Just Something About Mary" to several Beatles cover tunes, we reached dozens if not slightly more than dozens of healthcare visionaries at the first few Information Therapy conferences. My official title of Information Therapy Troubadour was changed in 2009 during the Boston 2.0 conference where I returned to the stage and became the unofficial Healthcare Troubadour. Now, it's 2012 and Josh has shared your link and your mission. I seek entry with the solemn  commitment that I will pen  new songs to support the very foundation of Medical Informatimusicology (all while juggling the menial day job). With a little luck, my trusty rhyming dictionary and some very strong espresso, I will one day share the edge of Dr. Martin's well deserved greatness!

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