Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meaningful Yoose Rap

Reports from the field indicate that a lone rapper has been found stalking locales known to be frequented by the healthcare technoratti set, most notably the HIStalk reception at the 2010 HIMSS conference in Atlanta in early March. Rumors have now been substantiated as an alert iPhone owner captured this footage:

The rapper, identifying himself only as Dr. HITECH, is rumored to be related to or possibly the same person as our own Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA, FACMI, president, founder and, as yet, sole member of our illustrious College.

We do not see the resemblance, but cannot deny that this clever bit has all the markings of true lyrical master craftsman. We invite him to apply for entrance into the College should he be found worthy. But we insist that he renege on his claim to the mantle of Dr. HITECH, which clearly belongs to the purveyor of the now-classic HITECH Interoperetta.

One last note: Our careful research has decrypted the lyrics from this rather poor quality rap video. We offer them here in defiance of all copyright infringement claims.

Meaningful Yoose

Say Yo! (Yo!)
C’mon say Yo! (Yo!)
Say H-I-T (H-I-T)
Say H-I-T (H-I-T)

Yo, all you doctors won’t you lend me an ear
While this wannabe hip-hopper sez what’s goin’ on here
Just take a look at the HITECH Act
It says EHR and you say, “Tell me somethin’ new, Jack!
EHRs have been around for a while
They cost an arm and a leg and then they cramp your style”
You do a double-take—“Yo, Home, now how can this be?
It says Uncle Sam is lookin’ to give some money to me!”
And so I’m here to tell you that this message is for real
But there’s just one way to make it into this deal
Goin’ paperless ain't nothing if you ain't got the juice
You got to interoperate and show some Meaningful Yoose

Two-oh-eleven's when the money starts to flow
So you bettah listen up to hear the things you need to know
You need an EHR that does interoperability
And gets a thumbs-up from a certifying entity
They’ll put it through the paces and make certain it’ll jive
With all the bits, bytes and regs—then it’s time for you to drive
If you do what I say, you won't be chasin’ a wild goose
You’ll be on your way to showin’ Meaningful Yoose

Meaningful Yoose, Meaningful Yoose
Gettin’ things done with your Meaningful Yoose
Use a CCR or a CCD
For shootin’ out a patient record summary
E-prescribin’, med history and formulary benefit
Out a doubt NCPDP is a sure bit
Admin transactin’ with X12 forty-ten
PQRI for quality reportin’
Public health exchanges usin’ HL7
That's how we’re makin’ changes in two-thousand-eleven for
Meaningful Yoose, Meaningful Yoose
Takin’ care of patients with your Meaningful Yoose

By now you're prob’ly thinkin’, “Man, somethin’ ain’t right—
This boy don't got the moves and his rappin’ ain’t tight”
You got that one straight—I may not be too cool
But this message is important, so I’m willing to play the fool
Now tip your hats to the cats from the ONC
They’re the ones under the gun to set the stimulus dough fre
Startin’ state HIEs and makin’ Beacons from Communities
Fundin’ SHARP and training and RECs
All the cash is movin’ out so there will be no excuse
For not puttin’ patients first and doin’ Meaningful Yoose
So get hip to what I'm sayin’—cut the power loose
And get your forty-four Gs or more for Meaningful Yoose
Start making things happen doin’ Meaningful Yoose
Put the patient first and do some Meaningful Yoose


  1. What a great stress reliever! And informative too. I look forward to your next opus.
    Leslie Fox
    CEO Care Communications, Inc.

  2. Very well done! Never seen anything like this! Well, I know what electronic medical records are. It's sure been there for awhile. But just to stress out, I guess electronic medical records meaningful uses are:
    1. It reduces the usage of paper which would actually help save our forest.
    2. No need to interview a very nervous mother about her child's medical history. (Records are already in the system).
    3. Save time for both the physician and the patient. (prescriptions, consultations)
    4. Break down of bills are clearly stated.

  3. Dr. Ross and his American College of Medical Informatimusicology clearly strive for quality of music related to informatics as is evidenced by his obvious talent.
    Since 1996 however, Dr. Sam (i.e. me) and The Managed Care Blues Band has delivered music to the healthcare industry and at healthcare events around the country based upon the same principals applied by the managed care industry to healthcare ("Managed Music" TM)- the basic precepts of which stress that we shall provide as little musical service as possible, at minimal cost to me, and without regard to quality. Since I prefer not to have to provide direct musical services if at all possible, I encourage all informatics music fans to stay on this site and do not bother to visit our site at www.managedmusic.com. Any requests for our services will be carefully reviewed and if it will cost me anything to have our professional musician band members either rehearse or perform services in any manner, there's a good chance we won't do it and you can get all of your musical services elsewhere - like here. I encourage you to follow this blog and don't bother with our site. Unfortunately, all of my musicians are life-long professionals and very talented, and demand for my CDs is high - a paradoxical situation since I produced them in the first place in an effort to discourage requests for us to actually perform services.
    Dr. Ross's talent and emphasis on quality are obvious, but by all principals of a "managed" form of delivery of service - quite misguided and antithetical to our approach. I therefore shall not apply to, join or be part of the American College of Medical Informatimusicology as long as it continues to encourage quality of services delivered. Personally, I request all followers of Dr. Ross's activities to continue to enjoy his work. We here at my MMO (Music Maintenance Organization) shall continue in our efforts to collect premiums (ie CD sales) while simultaneously delivering as little service as possible.