Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not Today

Here's a demo recording of a new song for all of you folks out there who are a little burnt out from working on HITECH, HIT, HIE, EHRs, MU, and all those other exhausting acronyms that have taken over our lives for the last couple of years.  It's all important, but don't forget to take care of yourselves and the people around you...

Hit the snooze button, honey
Doesn't matter rain or sunny
I don't care if the sky is blue or green
Got no doubt we could find
A dozen reasons to grind
Another work-a-day day through the mission machine

We never lack for excuses
For the race we run
We hit the track and take our bruises
But we never get done
Our agenda's on a bender
It's demanding our surrender
And declaring that there's no other way
But even if it's true I say
Not today, not today, not today

Drop that newspaper, baby
It'll make us both crazy
Tryin' to follow all the tragedy and politics
Sure, we need a good solution
For tsunamis and pollution
Still, they're gonna have to wait another day for a fix

Right now my only worry
Is the whistlin' pot
Tellin' me it's time to brew
My baby somethin' hot
But when the sun finally is slippin'
Into somethin' more befittin'
For walk along the beach by the bay
We'll give some time to findin' a way
But not today, no, baby, not today

'Cause today we're gettin' down to
What we never get around to
Our to-dos will be infused with
Lots of time for me 'n' you
We can't wait another day
Or watch the hours waste away
So hurry up and turn it down without delay

So turn the tube off, my love
'Cause we've had more than enough
Of all that stuff they call reality on TV
The only thing I know for real
Is your Buddha smile
And the way you make me feel
When it shines a while
Though I suppose in some scenario
You could decide it's time to go
And as you turn to walk away
I'll turn you back gently to say
Not today
No baby not today
Not today, not tomorrow
Don’t you never, ever go away
No baby not today

© 2011 Ross D. Martin, MD, MHA

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