Monday, December 6, 2010

ACMI News: HITECH Interoperetta MP3 Now Available

A fan of the YouTube video "HITECH: An Interoperetta in Three Acts" recently requested a copy of the MP3.  ACMI does not know the intended use, but assumes that said fan is intent on world domination and plans to widely distribute the vocal musings of our President and Founder, Dr. Ross D. Martin, as a cover for subliminal messages that will cause the listener to helplessly follow the bidding of said fan. 

For the record, neither ACMI nor its President and Founder condone the use of medical informatimusicology as an instrument of evil or for the purposes of attaining world domination whether for good or evil intent.  But, as the Interoperetta was distributed under a Creative Commons license, we feel obligated to distribute the MP3 file as requested.  We do fear for the world, however, as the awesome power of medical informatimusicology, and the Interoperetta in particular, is undeniable; such a malicious use will undoubtedly be successful unless proper precautions are taken. 

While it would be best for the purpose of avoiding world domination by said fan to recommend that any person receiving a copy of the MP3 file that has been injected with subliminal messages immediately delete the file, this would be an unacceptable solution as unaltered copies of the MP3 might also be deleted in the process, an outcome which is counter to the mission of ACMI. 

A more palatable solution is to make use of the well-known surgical adage, "The Solution to Pollution is Dilution."  ACMI recommends that every person on the planet take the following simple precautions:
  1. Download the original, unaltered MP3 file at: 
  2. Listen to the Interoperetta a minimum of 17 times. 
Our research has shown that persons who follow this procedure are effectively inoculated against even subtle alterations to the file, thus making them immune to subliminal messaging.  We estimate that if at least 85% of the world's population follows this procedure, it will create something akin to a "herd immunity" and save the world.

Please note that, in making this public announcement, ACMI and its leadership are effectively released of any liability resulting from personal injury or world domination in the event that the above recommendations are not precisely followed.  We will, however, accept awards, prizes, and other suitable accolades for foiling the nefarious plans of said fan. 

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